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We Never Learn Creator Gives His Thoughts On Act-Age Fallout


It’s been about a month since Act-Age writer Tatsuya Matsuki was arrested over accusations of sexual assault and sexual harassment of junior high school girls. Taishi Tsutsui, the mangaka behind another shonen series, We Never Learn, gave his thoughts on Twitter. He shared his sympathy for the victims, for the artist of Act-Age who’s lost her job without doing anything wrong, and for the editors involved.

Anime News Network, which covered the story, translated Tsutsui’s tweet:

“In the case of act-age, when it comes to the victims and [artist] Usazaki-sensei and considering the feelings of the editorial department and those involved in the stage play, words cannot express the regrets, resentment, and sadness I feel as a fan… It makes me keenly realize how necessary it is to keep in mind how the important people around you feel at all times.”

According to ANN, Tsutsui has since deleted this tweet.

While the news of Matsuki’s arrest has mostly remained in manga-related news outlets in America, it’s getting much bigger coverage in Japan, where his series has been canceled and a proposed stage play was scrapped. Act-Age had been doing very well over in Japan, and it just had its English debut this summer.

Source: Anime News Network

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