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Act-Age Artist Gets New One-Shot at Shonen Jump

act-age mangaWhen Act-Age was cancelled following the arrest of writer Tatsuya Matsuki, many pointed out that the artist, Shiro Usazaki, was also being punished even though she hadn’t done anything. While Usazaki herself supported the decision to pull the manga, it left her without a job.

But Weekly Shonen Jump just announced a new (though short) project for Usazaki. She will be doing the art for a 47-page one-shot written by Osamu Ishikawa. Called “Engan no Cyclops” (Fire-Eyed Cyclops), it will be available in the new issue of Shonen Jump that comes out December 21.

Not much information has been given on it, but it does seem to support Shonen Jump’s promise that “the editorial department offers Usazaki Sensei our support and encouragement for future works.”

Source: Anime News Network


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