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Masaaki Yuasa’s Japan Sinks 2020 Anime Compiled into Movie

japan sinks 2020

Masaaki Yuasa’s Japan Sinks 2020 anime series recently made its debut on Netflix, but it’s not going to be the final stop for the saga. The latest update on the Science SARU production has the 10-episode series being compiled into a full-length feature film, which will officially hit theaters in Japan on November 13.

Apparently, the film version initially came about during the dubbing process of the first episode. Yuasa was so impressed with the 5.1 surround soundtrack that he thought it would be a waste not to hear it in the proper environment.

The film version is titled Japan Sinks 2020 Theatrical Edition – Shizumanuki Bow –, so look forward to more apocalyptic scenarios, this time on the big screen.

Via Comic Natalie