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Act-Age Stage Play is the Latest Casualty of Manga Writer’s Arrest


If you’ve been keeping up with the story of Act-Age manga writer Tatsuya Matsuki—who was arrested for the alleged sexual assault of two junior high school girls—you’ve already seen the fallout. After some investigating by the staff at Jump, the manga was canceled, which unfortunately makes 22-year-old artist Shiro Usazaki another victim of this whole situation. Now, the latest casualty is the planned stage play, which has been canceled, as well.

Act-Age: Night on the Galactic Railroad, was scheduled to kick off in 2022, and the audition process was already underway. Hori-Pro corporation issued a statement in which they said they’re taking the arrest very seriously, and came to the decision after discussing the matter with various relevant parties.

Here’s a pair of visuals for the planned event:

Source: Act-Age Info via Crunchyroll