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Love Live! Sunshine!! and Hatsune Miku Release Teaser For Their Song Collab

If you love Love Live! Sunshine!! and Hatsune Miku, you have reason to be happy! They’re working together on the “We Are Challengers Project,” and that entails a new song and music video. Love Live! Sunshine!! just dropped a teaser of the song “BANZAI! digital trippers” and its music video on its YouTube page. The teaser is a little under two minutes long, and the song will officially and fully be released in August. In the video you can both see and hear the Aqours unit and Miku performing.

The “We Are Challengers Project” coincides with six years of Love Live! Sunshine!! The project behind Love Live! Sunshine!! was initially revealed in 2015, and the anime came out a year later, followed by a second season, and then the movie Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow. Their unit name Aqours was chosen by fans given the opportunity to vote. The project also has three key phrases associated with it: “Reader Participation,” “Inspired by μ’s,” and “Seaside Town Setting.”

Hatsune Miku is big on collaborations, such as her recent work with Dropkick on My Devil! The Vocaloid has also worked with My Little Pony, Lady Gaga, and even the Japanese government in her role combating the spread of COVID. And that’s just the start of what she’s done and is doing. An animated series has been announced for her, Twitter accidentally threw her off for being underage (because, technically, she isn’t real and was underage if you count by her creation date) and has gotten an official documentary. She also kind of sort of got married once, but that’s a different story and not official.

What do you think of this song and the collaboration? Are you looking forward to when the song officially comes out?

Source: ANN

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