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Hulu Japan Gets Way of the Househusband Live-Action Spinoff

Netflix and Hulu both want to get involved with the success of manga series The Way of the Househusband. Not long after it was announced Netflix would be doing an anime adaptation, Hulu Japan announced they’re doing a live-action spinoff.

Japan already has a live-action TV series of The Way of the Househusband going on. The spinoff, called 3-nen Tatsu-gumi: Gokushufu-sensei, began playing on Hulu Japan yesterday. It follows a totally original story where main character Tatsu, a former member of the yakuza, works as a home ec substitute teacher. It will be a short series, consisting of only six episodes.

What do you think of all these adaptations of The Way of the Househusband?

Source: Anime News Network


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