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Vote for Your Favorite Magical Girl Series of All Time!

Magic Knight Rayearth

The magical girl genre is one of the longest-running in manga and anime, and spans a surprising range from the upbeat shojo fare which has been its trademark, to male-oriented fan service like Cutie Honey, and darker themes like Madoka Magica. While some magical girl shows have stayed in the public consciousness long-term, others like Magic Knight Rayearth (pictured above, for you zoomers out there) seem to have faded in prominence.

Thus, we decided it’s a good time to poll our readers and find out where the popularity of these series really stands. Since it’s a multiple choice poll, we included around 50 different titles so its possible to vote for a lot of less obvious and more obscure answers if you so choose. Participate via the survey directly below:

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Stay tuned to Otaku USA for the results! In the mean time, you can check out how some of our previous reader polls shaked out, like the one on spring 2020 series, isekai, romance, shonen, or cyberpunk.