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The Top 10 Cyberpunk Anime According to Otaku USA Readers


When anime localization outfits first began popping up in the 80s and 90s, they seemed to have a theory that anything emphasizing futuristic computer technology and dystopian societies would sell well in the States, on account to similarities with Western science fiction. The anime industry has changed a lot since then, but the success of Hollywood’s Ghost In The Shell and Battle Angel Alita adaptations has finally made cyberpunk anime as popular in the West as those early localization teams always expected.

Last week we asked readers to respond to a poll asking for their favorite anime series and films in the cyberpunk genre. With over 575 replies spread across 70 titles, we compiled the results into a ranked list of the top 10 most popular cyberpunk anime. The results are as follows:

Paprika10) Paprika (8 votes)
Armitage III9) Armitage III (12 votes)
Ergo Proxy8) Ergo Proxy (14 votes)
Summer Wars7) Summer Wars (16 votes)
Battle Angel Alita6) Battle Angel Alita (20 votes)
Psycho-pass4) Psycho-pass (35 votes)
Akira3) Akira (65 votes)
Bubblegum Crisis2) Bubblegum Crisis (66 votes)
Ghost In The Shell1) Ghost In The Shell (167 votes)

Maybe the biggest surprise in these results is that despite the seemingly-huge legacy hype surrounding Akira, it fell into third place under Bubblegum Crisis, which hasn’t seemed to have more than a small cult following in the States. Along the same lines, it’s impressive that a seemingly-minor hit like Armitage III is still fondly remembered in a medium where so many new shows launch every season.

Are you surprised by anything that topped this list? Was anything left out that you feel deserves to be more popular? Let us know in the comments!