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Lilyka Shares Interview with Creator of Around the Season of Cherry Blossoms

Spring brings the season of cherry blossoms to Japan, and DMP’s yuri imprint Lilyka tweeted an interview with one of their creators, Ruri Kumashika, who wrote Around the Season of Cherry Blossoms. Around the Season of Cherry Blossoms 4 was just released.

In the interview, Kumashika said, “I wrote one manga first for Lilyka, then I wrote another one about same sex marriage for a producer in Japan. It really opened my eyes to the fun writing yuri manga, as well as reading them.”

She continued, “My favorite artist for yuri manga is Akiko Morishima-sensei. I like her fuwa fuwa, sweet, soft, girly style. Nio Nakatani-sensei and Takako Shimura-sensei create incredible stories with amazing dialogue and psychological subjects, and my mentor is (thinking about her myself) Kotobuki Shirigari-sensei!”

As a last thought, she said, “I think manga is a wonderful culture. I will do my best to make yuri manga for those who read them, and I’m very grateful for those who read ‘Around the Season of Cherry Blossoms’. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to interact with all of you!”

Source: Lilyka


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