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A Chat with Lilyka’s Yuri Manga Creator Mintaro


Mintaro is the mangaka behind the yuri manga Lily Fairy Tale, Lily Fairy Tale — Little Mermaid met Hansel and Gretel–, Lily Fairy Tale — Little Red Cap and Cinderella–, and Lily Fairy Tale — Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty–, all published by Digital Manga Inc.’s Lilyka imprint. Mintaro also keeps an active YouTube page, where she shares videos on how to draw. Otaku USA caught up with her on how she became a manga artist, her interest in fairy tales, and what she likes best about creating yuri manga.

When did you become interested in manga?

That was when I was in elementary school. I was hooked on the HUNTER X HUNTER anime. And when I found out that there was an original manga on it, I started reading the manga. That’s how it all started.

How did you become a manga creator?

There is an event called “Comitia” where original doujinshi are distributed. There is a section called “Business Trip Editorial Department” there. The “Business Trip Editorial Department” is a place where editors from various magazines in Japan gather to evaluate the work of aspiring manga and novelists. Many of them actually make their professional debuts there.

When I first exhibited at Comitia, I had my drawings evaluated. I was told by the editor that I should make my own manga (as the editor thought I had the talent of doing so). I started drawing manga.

What do you like best about creating yuri manga?

I particularly enjoy creating facial expressions of both characters, especially when they share and express similar sweet emotions. A happy face, an embarrassed face, a surprised face, a confused face… they are all lovely.


How do fairy tales inspire your yuri manga?

Fairy tales are something many people are exposed to from an early age. Fairy tales have a typical flow of story and character roles that creators usually follow when they create them. So in order for me to distinguish it from yuri, I intentionally attempted to portray a more mature and stronger mentality of the characters and the emotional bonds without having the preconception of fairy tales. Fairy tale princesses have the help of princes and magic, but a yuri couple can overcome problems on their own.

Are you working on any new manga? Where can people find your work?

Yes. The commercial manga series will be serialized on a web-based medium called “Gau Gau Monster.” I will be responsible for the comicalization of the novel. I will be updating the yuri manga in various anthologies and on my Twitter and FANBOX.

You can read my past work at FANBOX and BOOTH.
FANBOX https://mintaro.fanbox.cc
BOOTH https://mintaro.booth.pm

Is there anything else you’d like American fans to know about you?

I am honored to have this opportunity. I’ll continue to draw yuri on YouTube, in doujinshi and on Twitter, and I hope you’ll support me.

Thank you!


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