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Get a Limited Edition Signed Shikishi from Lilyka’s Ruri Kumashika

Lilyka, Digital Manga Inc.’s yuri imprint, has been offering limited signed shikishi from their mangaka. Shikishi are a type of Japanese board trimmed with gold, and Lilyka just announced their last shikishi sale of 2020.

The shikishi will be 9.5 X 9.5 inches and include a drawing of one of Ruri Kumashika’s characters. Kumashika is the mangaka behind the Around The Season of Cherry Blossoms manga. Lilyka has published three volumes and gave this description of the title: “Ritsu, a young sporty student, can’t help but feel flustered when she’s close to her teacher and track & field coach, Ms. Sawa. And when she witnesses an intimate moment, she realizes that her feelings are much more complex than mere admiration.”

According to an interview with Lilyka, Kumashika grew up in the Nagano Prefecture, is now living in L.A., and is married to another artist.

If you’re interested, the price of the shikishi is $270 and there’s a limit of one per customer.


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