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Lilyka Offers Live Event with Yuri Creator Mintaro

Lilyka, DMP’s yuri imprint, is having its first online live event, involving mangaka Mintaro. The event takes place June 25th 2021 6PM – 7PM (PST) and consists of three parts: Introduction, drawing session and Q & A, and announcement.

There are two ways to attend. In the first, it costs $25, and is limited to eleven people. If you’re part of it, you get to submit a question through https://www.lilykamanga.com/contact that will be answered by Mintaro during the presentation.

There’s also a $5 admission ticket, which does not list a number limit, but also doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your question answered by Mintaro.

Mintaro uploads videos showing how to draw, and has also spoken about her work during an interview with Otaku USA.

Source: Lilyka


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