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Fairy Tail RPG Trailer Dives into Its Story

fairy tail rpg

Developer Gust’s Fairy Tail RPG adapts Hiro Mashima’s hit series when it launches on PS4, Switch, and PC on June 25. While we wait, Koei Tecmo shared a new story trailer that catches us up on the characters, including newly announced mage Gildarts Clive, and also took a moment to tease some of the stories to be covered.

The latest arc to be confirmed is the Eclipse arc, which revolves around an experiment that opens up a gate to the past and unleashes 400-year-old dragons. Check out the story trailer below.

Koei Tecmo details Gildarts:

One of the most powerful additions to the FAIRY TAIL roster to date, Gildarts is an S-Class Mage who uses “Crush” magic to reduce anything he touches to rubble. Gildarts joins the fight in support of Natsu and other party members, using his overwhelming strength to help swing the odds in the guild’s favor. Throughout the adventure, fans will be able to put together their own dream team of FAIRY TAIL members and their rivals, including everyone from Gildarts to Erza, Gray, and Gajeel. The more characters continue to fight together in the same party, their bonds will gradually strengthen, and as their friendship level increases, special conversations called “Bond Dialogue” will play out, including original dialogue written specifically for the FAIRY TAIL game.