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Big Boob-Filled Ad is So Ridiculous It Makes Akihabara Blush

When you go to Tokyo’s otaku mecca of Akihabara, you expect to be bombarded with images of questionable taste. As captured by a few Twitter users, a new ad is pushing the limits of even the most skewed otaku tastes, offering up multiple stories worth of big-boobed anime girls.

The massive billboard in question is an advertisement for the latest from adult PC game developer Milk Factory. The game is titled, ahem, More! Impregnate! Boobs of Flame Super Erotic App Academy. Waves of embarrassment shot up and down my body just typing those words. The copy on the ad says you can “Get a boob harem with a super sexy app!”

Here’s a closer look at the ad, via @m1dor1_lineat:

It definitely seems to be honest in its advertising, but some Japanese commenters didn’t find it too amusing. One said, “This really isn’t the sort of thing to be putting up on the outside of a building,” while another added that it’s “environmental sexual harassment.”

Another commenter summed up the issue by saying, ““I can’t comprehend the mentality behind this billboard. This is an 18-and-over-only game, right? I’ve never seen a store advertise other adult-only content (like a porno video) like this.”

But perhaps the most damning response was the following: “They’re asking 9,800 yen (US$91) for the game. That’s expensive.”

It sure is. The billboard has apparently been up since around the start of the month at anime and game shop Traders’ #3 Akihabara branch, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere at the moment.

What do you think? Is the billboard too much, or is it about what you’d expect in Akihabara?

Via SoraNews24