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Akihabara Shop Says No to Smelly Customers

Akihabara Shop Says No to Smelly CustomersNice find from ANN’s Kim Morrissy on the Twitter this week: a trading card shop in Akihabara, Tokyo’s mecca for otaku merch, has apparently had enough of smelly customers.

The official Twitta account for the shop announced a new shop policy on Twitter this week: smell nice or get out.

To that end, they’re offering a variety of products to help out, including Febreze and a range of perfumes (though perfume, when overused, can be just as gross as body odor, in this writer’s humble opinion…).

The exact text of the tweet reads:

Important Notice

We are happy to say we have recently seen a great increase in the number of people looking at popular our 10-yen section. However, at the same time, the number of unclean (smelly) people is increasing. We are sorry, but from now on, our staff will call out those whom they deem “smelly” (a subjective measure).


This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about otaku body odor in Japan. Back in 2018, a survey reported that some otaku bathe only once per week.


Source: ANN

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