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Otaku Dentist, Complete With Maid Outfits, Opens in Akihabara

Otaku Dentist, Complete With Maid Outfits, Opens in AkihabaraAkihabara: Tokyo’s mecca for otaku. Now Akibazens can even get their teeth worked on in otaku style at a new dental clinic in the neighborhood.

The main attraction of the dental clinic, located right in the heart of Akiba, is hygienists who dress in maid outfits (you can find one of them on Twitter right here).

Another key feature is that the clinic operates from 2pm to 11pm, hours that make it easier for hard-working otaku to visit than the typical 9-5 operation.

Though the whole thing sounds gimmicky, it is a real, proper dental office, run by dentist Dr. Joji Yukawa, who founded the place to make it easier for otaku and other people who have a hard time visiting the dentist out of anxiety or other reasons.

The clinic is currently in the midst of a soft open “preview” phase, and officially opens in July. I imagine it’ll be packed with otaku in need of some love for their chompers.

Source: Soranews

Matt Schley

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