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Three Marvel Manga You Can Read on the Viz App

Marvel manga are now on the Viz app! Get started with these three titles.

Great news, superhero fans: Marvel manga are now on the Viz app! New titles are available to read with a membership as we speak, opening up a whole new world of adventures featuring familiar stars of comic and screen. Best of all, many of these titles hail from luminaries of the manga world, offering a unique twist on otherwise familiar stories.

How will Deadpool fare sharing a publication with Luffy and Deku? What does the creator of Knights of Sidonia write for Wolverine? And what happens when Iron Man and Spider-Man discover a Yu-Gi-Oh!-esque card game? Find out in these newly-available titles!


Wolverine: Snikt!

Wolverine: Snikt!

Wolverine’s got a long life, which means he has a lot of stories to tell. Even so, the Marvel manga Wolverine: Snikt! takes him even further out of time—to a future where humans are all but extinct. There, he and his team will have to discover the weakness of humanity’s destroyers: beings known as Mandates.

This limited series ran for a total of five issues, headed up by BLAME! and Knights of Sidonia creator Tsutomu Nihei. Originally published in 2003, the manga is still considered to be one of the great Wolverine-centric stories. Find out why for yourself on the Viz app!


Secret Reverse

Secret Reverse

What would happen if Spider-Man and Iron Man got thrown into the world of Yu-Gi-Oh? It may sound like a fanfic, but it’s a very real Marvel manga! Secret Reverse teams up the brainy duo for a trip to Japan, penned by the late Kazuki Takahashi… who also happens to be the creator of YGO!

Together, Tony Stark and Peter Parker investigate Reijiro Kaioh, the CEO of a card game company that releases the YGO-esque Secret Reverse. Now, he’s working on a gaming machine that brings these cards to life… and danger is about to break loose. What’s the truth behind Kaioh and his hard-hitting card game? Find out in this single-volume adventure!


Deadpool: Samurai

Deadpool: Samurai

The merc with the mouth has his own Marvel manga! Deadpool: Samurai made waves when it was first published, and now it’s available to read on the Viz app. In this series, Wade Wilson lives the dream by becoming an honest-to-goodness Shonen Jump protagonist. (Well, technically he’s supposed to build a new Avengers team in Japan—but priorities, right?)

With the help of Spider-Man and Venom one-offs in the form of cute anime girls, DP takes off to become a hero, fight the bad guys, and judge the locals’ taste in anime. And because it’s Deadpool, he’s got plenty to say about the state of the manga industry (and his co-stars).

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