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Super Nintendo World Postpones Donkey Kong Country Area Opening

donkey kong country

The first time we got word of Donkey Kong Country coming to Universal Studios Japan — as part of an expansion of Super Nintendo World — was in 2021. Then, late last year, it was revealed that we could expect the Donkey Kong Country section to open in spring 2024. It would make Super Nintendo World significantly bigger, and one of the things advertised about the expansion was the roller coaster it would have.

Well, it’s spring in 2024, and that part of the amusement park has yet to open. So, what’s going on? After some months of not talking about it, Universal Studios Japan finally put out a statement on the matter:

“Construction for the expansion has already progressed to the final stages, but in order to add even more polish and even more fully realize our vision to provide an unprecedentedly enjoyable experience, we have determined that an additional amount of time is necessary for the finishing touches. We deeply apologize to everyone who has been waiting so patiently.”

Now Donkey Kong Country is supposed to be up and running in the second half of the year, though a more specific date than that has yet to be released. Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World also had to deal with delays, but this was thanks to COVID-19, when just about everything else was being delayed as well.

SoraNews24 shared some Japanese netizens’ responses to the postponement news:

“Even if they can’t open in the spring, if they’ve already got the Donkey Kong merch designed, they should start selling it!”
“Man, I was hoping to go during Golden Week…”
“Ah, my annual pass is going to expire before then, but I’m still definitely going to go when Donkey Kong Country opens!”
“I bet that cart coaster is taking more time than they thought to get just right.”

Source: SoraNews24


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