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As My Hero Academia Enters Its Epilogue, Start up These Super-Powered Manga!

My Hero Academia

We’re into the home stretch, My Hero Academia readers: the manga is entering its epilogue arc. And while there’s still a bit of a ways to go before this super-powered series truly ends, it’s closer than it’s ever been. How will you fill the gap in your manga rotation? Allow us to suggest a few!

As Deku’s adventures wind down, pick up these three quirky manga series. From wholesome superpowered friends to hard-hitting heroes, this trio of series will fill the impending gap of Kohei Horikoshi’s beloved manga series.


Deadpool: Samurai

Deadpool Samurai

Okay, in fairness, this one is a short read that you’ll likely finish before My Hero Academia releases its next chapter, much less before it ends. But Deadpool: Samurai is on this list for a very specific reason: there’s an All Might cameo!

The majority of this short-run Jump+ series is based on the concept of the Merc with a Mouth creating his own version of the Avengers over in Japan. But more than that, it’s about DP realizing a new dream: becoming a Shonen Jump hero. That means looking to heroes like Luffy, Goku, and All Might for inspiration. And, yes, there really is a crossover between the two superhero series! Once you’re done reading, you can always check out more Marvel manga!


Astro Royale

Astro Royale

This relatively new manga from Tokyo Revengers creator Ken Wakui is running shoulder to shoulder with My Hero Academia as we speak. Both series share themes of a super-powered world, with powers being relatively unique from person to person. But in the world of Astro Royale, the powered-up protagonist and his fellows gained their abilities by wishing on a star.

These paranormal abilities, ranging from super-strength to transformation to growing extra arms, are directly related to the wishes people made and the items they held while wishing. Now powered up with his dad’s dreams and a mean right hook, young yakuza Hibaru set out to unite his many adopted siblings. We’ve got our fingers crossed that this one will be running for quit some time.


Psych House

Psych House

Want something with the powers of My Hero Academia but a somewhat lighter touch? Psych House is a slice-of-life series that started just a month ago. The story follows a group of people with supernatural powers, all sharing living space at the titular boarding house and learning more about their unusual abilities.

Our central characters are Nemuru, whose abilities allow him to change the size of things (and himself), and student Kotone, whose has a teleportation abilities. New abilities are being discovered every week, from telepaths to a young girl who can make clones of herself. What will they learn about their powers, and what will they do with them? Jump on early and be there for every new chapter!

You should also be reading Sakamoto Dayshere’s why we’re excited for the upcoming anime!

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