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Miss MamaYuyu? Try Out These Heroic (and Demonic) Anime Series

MamaYuyu is at an end, but there are more stories of demons, humans, and heroes crossing paths!

As of last week, Yoshihiko Hayashi MamaYuyu is at an end. The manga spun an intriguing story of a world where demons and heroes live in harmony, only to be invaded by demons and heroes from other worlds where such harmony doesn’t exist. It was an intriguing concept, but the story only made it 29 chapters before its sudden conclusion.

If you’re looking for more stories with similar vibes, though, you’re in luck! Check out these anime where demons and heroes unite for a greater good, where heroes cross worlds to fight each other, and where neither camp is quite what it seems.




In the central world of MamaYuyu, the wars between demons and humans are long gone. But in the world of Helck, they’re so fresh that the demons are currently choosing their new demon lord. And in the running is Helck: ridiculously strong, strangely cheerful, and notably human. But he also seems to seriously despise humans. And it doesn’t take long to find out why.

What starts out as a comical fantasy series descends into dark territory, as Helck reveals the treachery and horrors at work in the world of humans. He and Vermilio, one of the demon realm’s Four Elite Lords, end up forming an unusual alliance. As they travel further afield from the world of demons, they discover more about humanity’s terrifying new battle tactics.




Heroes come from far and wide in MamaYuyu, and that’s exactly what happens in IshuraBased on the light novel series by Keiso, this series also takes place not long after the defeat of a demon king. The difference is, no one knows who struck the final blow. However, there are only a certain number of people strong enough to have done so. Known as Shuras, these super-powerful people now have nothing left to do but fight each other for supremacy.

The Shuras are of different races, backgrounds and (in some cases) dimensions. Now, they will cross paths, and swords, to decide who among them is the True Hero.


Maoyu: Archenemy and Hero

Maoyu: Archenemy and Hero

Before the big battles kick off, MamaYuyu depicts a time of peace and prosperity between humans and demons. If you love the idea of watching that come about, Maoyu: Archenemy and Hero is the show for you. The anime adaptation of the light novel series debuted in 2013, following the demon queen Mao and the human hero Yusha as they collaborate to make things better for everyone.

Mao is, as it happens, brilliant on topics of economics and agriculture. The two team up under a variety of pseudonyms to spread her knowledge through both kingdoms. And, along the way, the two start to develop feelings beyond a mutual desire for prosperity.

From demons to monsters, meet anime heroes who fight against their own kind!

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