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Pokémon Horizons Anime Adds Kotono Mitsuishi to Cast

pokémon horizons

A new cast member has officially joined the Pokémon Horizons anime with the addition of Kotono Mitsuishi (Misato Katsuragi in Neon Genesis Evangelion). The latest VA will provide the voice for Kaede, known as Katy in English, with the character’s debut episode lined up for April 19 in Japan.

Kaede/Katy is the Cercle Town (Cortondo) Gym Leader. You can see a preview for the next episode below.

This is all part of the new story arc, Terastal Debut, which kicked off on Friday. The new opening theme song is “Will” by K-pop group IVE and the ending theme is “Let Me Battle” by 9Lana.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series made its Netflix debut in February 2024. Here’s the official synopsis:

A new adventure is beginning within the wide world of Pokémon! Arriving at Indigo Academy, a girl named Liko receives her first partner Pokémon, Sprigatito. But she soon finds herself pursued by the Explorers, a mysterious group that’s determined to take the pendant necklace she wears. Liko isn’t on her own, though, as Friede, Captain Pikachu, and the other Rising Volt Tacklers offer her protection aboard their airship. Meanwhile, a boy named Roy dreams of becoming a Pokémon Trainer, unaware of the secret hiding within the Ancient Poké Ball he carries. As Liko, Roy, and the Rising Volt Tacklers set sail for new horizons, what kind of discoveries await?

Via Anime News Network