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Tamagotchi Gets New Smart Watch Look for 25th Anniversary

Remember Tamagotchi? The digital pets had a major trend in America in the 90s, and they continue to be popular in Japan. This year is the 25th anniversary since Tamagotchi’s creation, so Bandai is coming out with something new.

Introducing the Tamagotchi Smart, which still has the same basic idea as Tamagotchi (raising digital pets). But this time around it’s styled after a smart watch. They also have touch screens and microphones, and pets will better react to what you do. You have your choices for pets: Mametchi, Poptchi, Awamokotchi, Kuchipatchi, Gaogaltchi, Pyueltchi, Wawatchi, Tuyopitchi, Milktchi, and Karapatchi.

The watches are available in two main colors, pink and blue, and there’s a rare white version that you would need to win in a lottery. The lottery lasts until July 2. TamaSmart Cards, which cost extra, allow you admittance to minigames and additional supplies and pets.

The Tamagotchi Smart will come out in November.

Source: SoraNews24


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