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There Are Open Auditions for the Nijisanji EN VTuber Project

The company ANYCOLOR Inc. is looking for male and female English-speakers for its Nijisanji EN VTuber project. Anyone applying must be at least 18 and offer content multiple times a week for one year, if not longer.

The female VTuber characters have the names Ghost of Darkness, Cat of Darkness, Bird of Heaven and Fox of Heaven, and those interested are invited to submit five minute recordings of themselves voicing one of these characters.

The male VTuber characters have not been given names, so anyone submitting here is encouraged to make up his own character and do the voice for five minutes.

You have until July 11 to submit your voice work for the female VTubers, and until August 1 for the male VTubers.

Here is the female application.

Here is the male application.

Good luck!

Source: grape


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