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Check Out the New Trailer For D_Cide Traumerei

The D_Cide Traumerei anime will debut July 10, and a new trailer has dropped. In it we can hear the theme song “Kemono no Kotowari” (translated as “The Reasoning of Beasts”), which is performed by Tokyo Jihen.

According to the trailer, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka will play Yoshichika Murase and Akio Suyama will play Junhei Oda. It was previously revealed that Hisayoshi Suganuma plays Rando Furukata, Kaoru Sakura plays Eru Amami, Hiroshi Kamiya plays Shuuichi Ooneya, Risa Tsumugi plays Ariya Touda, and Yuichi Nakamura plays Mugen Miura.

The term “noir teen” has been used to talk about the story, and it also has nods to work from H.P. Lovecraft.

Yoshikazu Kon, who was the CG director for Tiger & Bunny, is the director of D_Cide Traumerei.

Source: ANN


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