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Three Must-See Macross Concerts for Robotech Fans

Robotech fans will love these musical Macross moments

We’re getting closer and closer to the return of Robotech — or Macross, one or the other — in North America. It’s still a little unclear how that’s going to come about, but bare minimum, Robotech will be coming to Funimation. If you’re curious about the wonders of Macross, as in the original series, why not start with the music?

Amazing music is one of the mainstays of the franchise, and viewers who only know the U.S. adaptation will have missed out on some big hits. Here are three major idol moments you’ll want to see. (Note that these moments tend to come at the end of seasons… so if you plan to watch for yourself and spoilers bother you, tread carefully.)


Minmay Leads the Fleet

Do You Remember Love?

The movie Macross: Do You Remember Love? reinterprets compelling moments from the original series. It’s not an exact retelling, but it’s a pretty one. In the Macross universe, it’s treated as the retelling of events that everyone within the series thinks of. Kind of like… a movie adaptation. So while Robotech fans will know the basics, they’ll miss out on a few cool scenes.

One of these is the movie’s take on the Zentradi battle. Minmay is still out front doing her idol thing, making sure their enemies are getting hammered with music as the battle rages. The film, though, features the song “Do You Remember Love?” It’s become a famous one within the world of the series and among fans, and it’s an iconic moment for the franchise as a whole.


Sharon Apple Goes Wild

Sharon Appl steps out

Macross Plus introduced digital idol Sharon Apple: a holographic A.I. idol who singlehandedly explains why all your old-school mecha fan friends are terrified of Hatsune Miku. Sharon was created by and based on Myung Fang Lone. But she’s incomplete — Myung serves as the final patch for her “artificial intelligence.” At least until she gets some illegal hardware.

Her concert in the final episode of the OVA features the song “Information High,” and it’s riveting. Literally. Like a siren, the suddenly sentient Sharon enthralls her audience and goes absolutely bonkers at the pilot she believes she loves. But if we’re going to be brainwashed, it might as well be to a Yoko Kanno bop, right?


Service Medley

Ranka and Sheryl in Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier brings together superstar Sheryl Nome and up-and-coming star Ranka Lee. The two are rivals in the industry and in love, both vying for pretty lad Alto Saotome. But when they join forces, they’re unstoppable.

As battle rages, the pair pull a Minmay times two, dueting a massive medley bringing together the season’s whole soundtrack. (They also throw in “Do You Remember Love?” as a counterpoint to series theme “Lion.”) The best part? The second film, Wings of Farewell, does it again — with even more songs.

As you prepare to dive back into Robotech, be sure to have a look at some of these Macross moments… hopefully you’ll be able to see these shows in their entirety someday, too!

Kara Dennison

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