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Robotech VA Greg Finley Has Passed Away

There is sad news as it’s been reported that actor and director Greg Finley has passed away. Finley lent his talents to many movies and TV shows, ranging from Lilo & Stitch to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. But to otaku, he is probably best known for playing Captain Gloval and Anatole Leonard in Robotech. In addition to that, he played Victor Frankenstein in Kyōfu Densetsu: Kaiki! Frankenstein, Buck Forester in The Yearling, and did work with Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Final Fantasy X as well.

Tony Oliver, a fellow Robotech voice actor, wrote online:

Another marker of the passing of time. Actor, Director, Husband and Father Greg Finley has passed away. Many of you know him as the voice of Captain Gloval in the Anime Series called Robotech. I often tell a story of getting my first voice acting/dubbing job and going in a couple of hours early to watch someone else record before attempting it myself. It was Greg who I watched. He probably the first voice actor I met when I started. Our paths diverged rather quickly after that and I lost track of him for many years. Until one day my daughter, then in middle school introduced me to her new friend from her theater class. It turned out to be Greg’s son. I haven’t seen Greg or talked to him or his wife for many years since they moved out of state. Kind of wishing I had now. My heart goes out to his surviving family.
To the stars Greg.

Finley was 76 years old, and he passed away on February 1. A cause of death has not been listed. A memorial page has been set up here where people can leave tributes on how Finley has impacted their lives, either through knowing him or being moved by his work.

Source: ANN, Tony Oliver


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