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Dear Rhys Thomas: Please Do Right by These Robotech Moments

Live-action Robotech is back in production

So, the Robotech movie may be happening after all? Maybe? (Listen, Hollywood is wild. Considering Alita happened, there’s hope for even the most unlikely-seeming project.) And they’ve announced a new director, too: Hawkeye‘s Rhys Thomas. From what we’ve seen, he could make beautiful music out of this adaptation.

If it’s going to happen, though, we’ve got our eyes on a few specific things from the original. We’re not movie-makers, but we’re hoping that these little elements make it into the finished product unscathed.


Power Couple Max and Miriya

Max and Miriya

The human/Zentradi conflict at the center of Robotech had a few surprising twists. One of them? Ace pilots from each side fell in love. Not only that, they got married, and started a family who retail relevance in both the original Macross and the Harmony Gold retooling. Whether you followed the adventures of Dana Sterling or Mylene Jenius, there’s no question: these two are integral to the story.

It’s not just because of what their love represents, although that’s important. Breaking down the Zentradi (and Meltrandi) barriers, helping them rediscover their emotions, was pivotal in this battle. But we also love how smitten Max is with this spy who’s initially out to kill him. He’s totally down to date. And bless her, so is Miriya eventually.


Power Couple Roy and Claudia

Roy and Claudia

Listen. We know the love triangle is the romance at the heart of Robotech. (And all of Macross, frankly.) But we can’t ignore those solid couples on the fringes. Like brash fighter pilot Roy Fokker and Chief Communications Officer Claudia Grant. The hotheaded ace and the organize bridge officer are an unlikely combo, but they complemented each other perfectly.

Of course, when your boyfriend is a pilot (kyun kyun), you’re always at risk of tragedy in some form. And even though we know it’ll break our hearts, we’d really love the live-action version to go there. Where’s “there”? Pineapple salad. If you know, you know. Mess us up, Rhys.


Galactic Music

Minmay takes it to the battlefield

If you’re doing Hollywood Robotech, one thing is for certain above all else: the music has to slap. More than that, the music during battle has to slap. Some of the most stunning scenes in any iteration of Macross are the end-of-series space battles, accompanied by a galactic idol singing their heart out. And we want it. Big.

In the original airing of Macross, Minmay sang two of her previous hits; in Robotech, Reba West got the newly-written “We Will Win.” And of course, Do You Remember Love? had its title song. So, which way should the movie do it? In our heart of hearts, we’d love to see the epic film version. But as long as Minmay is out there singing her heart out while spaceships explode around her, we’re happy.

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Kara Dennison

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