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Train Kamen Riders in New Tamagotchi Toys

Tamagotchi is turning 25 this year, and it’s marking the occasion with Tamagotchi smart watches. But that’s not the only thing they have going on, and they’ve teamed up with Kamen Rider, which is also celebrating an anniversary this year. Kamen Rider has been around for fifty years, and you can help it continue with the new “Kamen Rider-chi” Tamagotchi toys.

There are two different color versions: “Genesis Green” and “Legacy Gold.” As opposed to taking care of a pet in the original Tamagotchi, you’ll be training a Kamen Rider. You’ll have more than 40 choices to choose from, and through minigames and proper care you’ll be able to turn him into different Kamen Riders.

It’s currently available for preorder and goes for 2,530 yen (a little under $23).

Source: ANN

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