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Action-Packed Anime for Kamen Rider Fans

Kamen Rider fans, here's some anime while you wait for those new Blu-ray drops!

Kamen Rider Black is making its way to Blu-ray, which is great news for tokusatsu fans! So what will we be watching in the meantime as we wait for our next dose of masks and motorcycles? How about one of these action-packed anime?

There are plenty more beyond our list, but these three will give you a kick-start as you wait for the next release to drop. What others would you add?


Fuuto PI

Fuuto PI

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer, as it’s literally a Kamen Rider anime! Fuuto PI catches back up with Shotaro Hidari and Philip in the windy city of Fuuto, where they’re still hunting Dopants. Some old friends are along for the ride… as well a some new foes.

The original series baddies may have been laid to rest, but there’s a more evolved form of Dopant out there now. Plus, there’s a second Fuuto, through which a mysterious amnesiac named Tokime can travel. Tokime ends up becoming Shotaro’s assistant… but her true identity makes this partnership quite ironic. If you’re a fan of W, this is literally just picking back up where you left off.


Samurai Flamenco

Samurai Flamenco

He may not be an actual Kamen Rider, but that’s not stopping the star of Samurai Flamenco from living his tokusatsu dreams! Male model Masayoshi Hazama takes up the mantle of the eponymous hero, despite having no real tech or super powers to speak of. Accompanying him, for better or worse, is police officer Hidenori Gotō. And things just get progressively weirder from there.

Idols, magical girls, and more join the fray as the series progresses. We won’t say much more than that, though. Samurai Flamenco has a lot of secrets just below the surface, and it’s worth uncovering them for yourself. All we’ll say is, if you think you have this show figured out… you probably don’t.


Astro Fighter Sunred

Astro Fighter Sunred

It’s fun to root for the heroes, but Kamen Rider and series like it also have fascinating foes. If you have a soft spot for the baddies, give Astro Fighter Sunred a look. This easy-paced gag anime follows the title hero as he keeps Mizonokuchi safe. Allegedly, anyway. Sunred seems like a bit of a lazy layabout, hopping up only to dispatch his enemies. The baddies, meanwhile, feel like a found family doing their best to get by.

While Sunred definitely has its roots more in Super Sentai than anything else, the vibe is appealing no matter what brand of tokusatsu you’re into. It’s also got some local flavor, with references to Mizonokuchi life in the end credits.

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Kara Dennison

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