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Demon Slayer’s Hashira Get the Tamagotchi Treatment


Earlier this year, Demon Slayer‘s leads inspired their own Tamagotchi devices, and now it’s time for Demon Slayer‘s Hashira to follow suit. Also known as the Pillars, the nine most powerful swordmasters in the series each have a unique device, complete with the ability to train and raise them into one of the nine featured characters.

The Kyojurotchi Color edition leads the line, followed by eight other color schemes. All of the Tamagotchi are sized up at 4cm across, making them slightly smaller than a traditional model.

Three types of monsters will appear at random as you play training minigames, and you may even spot appearances from the likes of Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, and more. The Kyojurotchi Color is up for pre-order now via Premium Bandai, with the rest to follow on November 6 and close on December 24.

The first is set to ship in March 2021, followed by the rest in April.

Via Anime! Anime!