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Evangelion Tamagotchi Put Angels in Your Pocket

evangelion tamagotchi

The Evangelion collaborations continue! With Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 on the horizon, the series teamed up with Bandai’s Tamagotchi to release a line of “Evatchi” devices that have you raising Angels.

The Evatchi come in Unit 01, Unit 02, and Unit 00 designs, with 20 different Angels you can nurture from fetus to full-grown in an attempt to prevent the Third Impact. Neglecting them will force them to create an AT Field and close their hearts, leaving you with no choice other than to destroy them completely.

Why let that happen when you can just feed them, love them, and give them some LCL to drink? You can also take part in battle training mini-games, and other features include voice clips and pixel recreations from the Evangelion series.

Look for Evatchi to go on sale in Japan on June 13, with pre-orders live today for each individual device priced at around $24.

Source: Comic Natalie via Crunchyroll