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This Progressive Knife Toy from Rebuild of Evangelion Lights Up and Talks

If you want some cool anime merch that lights up but this Akira motorcycle is out of your price range, perhaps you’d be interested in a Progressive Knife from the movie series Rebuild of Evangelion. It could be ideal for cosplay, and Premium Bandai revealed it online earlier this month.

Here is a translation, as done by Anime New Network:

\Issue battle stations, condition 1/
First ever! Pre-orders for the “Progressive Knife PKN 01C” equipped with lights and audio starts from 4PM today!

Contains over 25 lines from Shinji Ikari and Misato Katsuragi!
A pedestal inspired by the angel’s core is also included!

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As for measurements, the blade is 340mm (a bit over thirteen inches), and the handle is just under six inches. If you put in three LR344 batteries, the knife gets extra abilities, and can light up and even share dialogue from the Evangelion films. There’s also an Angel core stand.

The item is available for pre-order, and it goes for 13,200 yen, which is approximately $90. (Which, at the very least, is a lot less than the Akira motorcycle.)

GKIDS gave this description for EVANGELION:3.0+1.11 THRICE UPON A TIME:

From legendary director Hideaki Anno, EVANGELION:3.0+1.11 THRICE UPON A TIME is the fourth and final installment of the REBUILD OF EVANGELION films, bringing an epic conclusion to the story of Shinji and his fellow Eva pilots, with the stunning visuals and thought-provoking storytelling that has made EVANGELION a global pop culture phenomenon.

Misato and her anti-NERV group Wille arrive at Paris, a city now red from core-ization. Crew from the flagship Wunder land on a containment tower. They only have 720 seconds to restore the city. When a horde of NERV Evas appear, Mari’s improved Eva Unit 8 must intercept. Meanwhile, Shinji, Asuka, and Rei (Provisional Name) wander about Japan.

Source: ANN


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