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Evangelion and CASETiFY Shake up Shinjuku for Co-Lab Launch

Giant EVA-01 in Shinjuku

Tech goods brand CASETiFY is known for its stylish collaborations with Disney, BTS, and—pertinent to our interests—lots of anime. Previous co-labs have brought Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, and more to our daily carry. Now, their new collaboration with Neon Genesis Evangelion is making a massive impact… quite literally!

Today, a new merch line goes on sale. And to celebrate, CASETiFY and Studio Khara have gone big in Shinjuku. And we’ve got photos of both the event itself and the goods it’s celebrating!


EVA-01 Breaks Through

Shinjuku launh

Nothing about Neon Genesis Evangelion is ever small… so of course this co-lab launch had to be major! Visitors to Shinjuku witnessed the unveiling of an EVA-01 statue (from the shoulders up) breaking through the ground. Standing 4 meters tall and 7 meters wide, the iconic armored humanoid wields a huge CASETiFY smartphone case with the NERV logo.

The display brought some serious attention to the new co-lab. Teased up until now as PRJCT CASETiFY: IMPACT!, the line of goods is available today… in more manageable human sizes, of course.


The Lineup

Evangelion x CASETiFY Co-Lab

The CASETiFY x Evangelion Co-Lab features 125 unique items for whatever kind of smart device you wield. Naturally, the centerpiece of the collection is its wide variety of smartphone cases. Choose from character art, logos, typography, and even SEELE monoliths. The selection spans the entire history of the franchise, up to and including characters and art from the Rebuild films.

For the full experience, you can grab earbud cases, lanyards, wireless chargers, and more that match your chosen design. There’s even a charging dock shaped like a mobile ejection stand, so your phone fits the aesthetic even when it’s charging back up!


Third Impact Style

Coordinated Eva daily carry

The merch drop goes beyond phone cases and accessories, though. Every bit of tech in your daily carry can get the Evangelion treatment. Laptop sleeves and cases, chargers, magsafe wallets, smart watch straps, and more are also on offer!

Be sure to check out the official Co-Lab page for all the goods on offer. And if you want an up close and personal visit with the EVA-01, you still have time. Shinji’s EVA will be chilling in Shinjuku until July 25!

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