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Studio Ghibli Produces Lawson Convenience Store Commercial

We posted the other day about some problems at convenience store chain Lawson. But here’s some happier news: Studio Ghibli just produced a new commercial for the chain.

Aside from being charming as all get-out, it’s another sign the once-dormant studio is kicking back into action. We also heard at the beginning of the year that Ghibli may be producing a second new film after Hayao Miyazaki’s How Do You Live?.

The ad is a sequel of sorts to one Ghibli produced way back in 2001. In this ad, the child in the original is now grown up and working at the store.

The ad features work from director Kunio Kato and Osamu Tanabe, who worked on The Tale of Princess Kaguya — and who apparently works part-time at Lawson himself.

Lawson and Ghibli have a long relationship: Lawson is the only convenience store in Japan where you can buy tickets for the Ghibli Museum.

It’s just 15 seconds of Ghibli goodness, but considering Miyazaki’s film is only 15% done, it might be the last Ghibli we see for a while…

Source: SoraNews

Matt Schley

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