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Japanese Fans Rank Gundam’s Most “Useless” Guys

Dame Otoko – useless, hopeless, down-on-their-luck, pathetic guys – the Gundam universe’s got plenty of ‘em.

Ranking site Goo has asked its readers to rank the top dame otoko from the Gundam series (number one being the dame-est, presumably), and fans of the franchise delivered. Who’s the most hopeless Gundam guy?

18. Kio Asuno
Gundam AGE

17. Domon Kasshu
G Gundam

16. Asemu Asuno
Gundam AGE

13 (three-way tie). Orga Itsuka
Iron-Blooded Orphans

13 (three-way tie). Garrod Ran
After War Gundam X

13 (three-way tie). Heero Yuy
Gundam Wing

12. Loran Cehack
Turn A Gundam

11. Flit Asuno
Gundam AGE

10. Mikazuki Augus
Iron-Blooded Orphans

9. Bellri Zenam
Reconguista in G

8. Üso Ewin
Victory Gundam

7. Setsuna F. Seiei
Gundam 00

6. Judau Ashta
Gundam ZZ

5. Athrun Zala
Gundam SEED

4. Kira Yamato
Gundam SEED

3. Kamille Bidan

Zeta Gundam

2. Shinn Asuka

Gundam SEED Destiny

1. Amuro Ray

Mobile Suit Gundam

With news that the classic Mobile Suit Gundam is being relaunched in America, now’s your chance to catch up on all this hopelessness from the very beginning.

OUSAers: are these Gundam guys getting a bad rap, or are they truly hopeless? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Goo

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