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Fall Anime Endings with the Chill Vibes We Need

These fall anime endings have surprisingly gentle vibes

After our weekly dose of action, adventure, mystery, and drama, we need to chill out a little. An action-packed opening gets us hyped for what’s to come; meanwhile, good anime endings put a cap on each week’s story. Whether it’s a satisfying coda to a slice-of-life series or something to calm us down after a massive cliffhanger, we always look forward to these sequences.

Here’s a trio of endings that hit just right for the fall season. Some let us enjoy the show’s comfy vibe a little longer, while others are a needed break from the intensity of the episode itself. Which ones are your favorites?


Migi&Dali: “Skyline”

Migi&Dali is one heck of a series, walking the line between hard-boiled mystery and absurdist comedy. Migi and Dali, the twins at the center of the series, are investigating the murder of their mother. To do so, they pose as a single orphan named Hitori. As they slowly ingratiate themselves to the 90s suburb they now call home, they get in both comical and dangerous scrapes. It’s easy to forget what they’re up to. That is, until you remember it sports one of the most sentimental anime endings this season.

“Skyline,” performed by Nulbarich, is a heartfelt song about enduring the difficulties of a long journey. The visuals depict Migi and Dali as even younger children fighting to survive. After the strange silliness of the show itself, it’s a stark reminder of what these two have really been through.


Stardust Telepath: “Tentaizu”

We don’t always expect anime endings to be as nicely animated as the show itself, but it’s a pleasant surprise when they are. Stardust Telepath maintains all the cuteness and happiness of the show proper in its ending, “Tentaizu.” But it brings things down a notch from alien girl Yuu’s usual cheerfulness. It feels like we’re moving more at Umika’s speed now.

The gentle music, combined with the lovely visuals, are just the right gentle touch after the girls’ weekly adventures. We also love how it integrates concepts from the show: Yuu’s lighthouse, the falling star, and sound waves possibly indicating Yuu and Umika’s “foreheadpathy.”


Undead Unluck: “know me…”

Undead Unluck is a show packed with twists, turns, and surprises. After the intense battles and surprises of each episodes, we need to come down a little bit. And “know me…” is one of the anime endings offering that breather… while also continuing the mystery.

If you’re a reader of the manga, you likely know what this sentimental, funereal ending is referencing. And if you’re not, it’s still an eerily beautiful way to close out the huge action of each week.

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Kara Dennison

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