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Catch up to these Fall Anime Before Their Exciting Conclusions

These fall anime are speeding toward exciting conclusions!

There’s just a month left in the fall anime season. And while some shows will be continuing into winter (don’t worry, we’ll cover those!), others just have a few episodes left before their finale next month. Some have just dropped big reveals, while others are highly anticipated for other reasons.

If you’re looking to get straight down to business, we recommend catching up to this trio of titles. Spend the end of 2023 enjoying these finales!


BULLBUSTER Just Dropped a Big Twist


BULLBUSTER brings both giant robot action and corporate drama to the fall anime season. The employees of Namidome, once construction workers, are now in the business of giant monster eradication. It’s a unique (and red-tape-filled) take on both the mecha and kaiju genres. But things have gotten messy.

In the most recent episode, protagonist Tetsuro and his coworkers found out some distressing news about Namidome’s new owners. As their jobs and the survival of the locals hang in the balance, what will their supervisors choose to do?


Migi&Dali is confronting change.


We’ve talked before about how Migi&Dali has just kicked off its most interesting arc. And as the fall anime season enters its final month, we’re also entering the final episodes of this over-the-top mystery series. The once inseparable twins have found themselves at odds, with Dali still focused on revenge as Migi nurses a broken (and confused heart).

While it may seem the twins have found the answer to who killed their mother, there are still a few mysteries in play. Who’s really pulling the strings in Oregon Village? How has this secret remained hidden for so long? Will the twins ever be reconciled? The answers are all incoming!


ZOM 100 is coming back

ZOM 100: Bucket List of the Dead

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead isn’t technically part of the fall anime season, we know. But thanks to its fraught production schedule, this highly anticipated summer series will be closing out in December. Specifically, at Christmas!

The story of Akira and his friends making a new life for themselves in the midst of a zombie apocalypse is an inspiring and exciting one. As they indulge in lofty (and less lofty) goals, they learn more about themselves and each other. While the manga is still running, meaning we won’t see the whole story play out (yet), we’re still excited to see how the anime version comes to a close.

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