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Migi & Dali Has Just Kicked Off Its Most Interesting Story Arc

The Migi & Dali anime is diving into some of its strongest storytelling.

Migi & Dali is a lot of things. Strange. Suspenseful. Darkly comic. (Did we mention strange?) The story follows the titular twins as, acting as one person, they infiltrate a suburban neighborhood to find their mother’s murderer. The super-serious duo have a lot in common—mainly being hell-bent on revenge. But that’s all starting to change.

The anime is diving into a theme of the story that manga readers already know: the true nature of the twins’ relationship. And as they get close to their goal, their most troublesome issues will come from within.


Two As One

The Sonoyama family

As the series kicks off, we see Migi & Dali enchant the Sonoyama couple. Posing as a single angelic orphan boy named Hitori, they become a beloved member of the household. But as good as Mom’s cherry pie is, and as much as Dad craves a proper father-son bond, the twins are single-minded in their mission.

Years ago, they lived in secret with their mother Metry somewhere in Oregon Village. The idyllic American-styled neighborhood is hiding a murderer. But who? The twins’ only clues so far have been a single snowflake-emblazoned button and memories of paisley wallpaper. In recent weeks, they’ve uncovered a lot more truth than they bargained for. But that’s not all they’ve uncovered.


Mirror Image

Two acting as one

A lot of the comedy and drama of Migi & Dali comes from the twins’ uncanny behavior. Between bizarre physical stunts and perfect timing, the two have lived successfully as Hitori for half the series. But as the show progresses, we start to see that the duo aren’t actually as similar as we’ve been led to believe.

On the surface, you can tell the twins apart based on which side their hair is parted on. But there are more differences surfacing. Migi is more creative and more passionate. While his grades are the lower of the pair’s, he’s much more innovative in a pinch. Dali, meanwhile, is logical and calculating. Nothing will get in the way of his thirst for revenge; but Migi has time for other things. Like girls. And nice times with his family. And because of that, a rift has begun to form.



Migi betrayed

Migi & Dali are, as far as they’re concerned, all they have in the world. The Sonoyamas are means to an end. So are their friends. So when Migi finds out that Dali has pulled one hell of a stunt on him in the name of furthering their revenge, it’s understandably a betrayal that cuts deep. (What did Dali do? We wouldn’t dare ruin that discovery for you.)

If the anime follows the manga, we can expect to see this fractured relationship inform the rest of the show. The duo are about to discover the truth of Oregon Village. But they’re also learning important truths about themselves: their validity as individuals, and the fact that they can be close without being identical. There are a lot of ups and downs ahead, and we can’t wait to see the twins’ grand finale adapted for screen!

Migi & Dali is currently streaming on Crunchyroll!

Kara Dennison

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