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Migi & Dali Anime Trailer Previews Ending Theme

migi & dali

A new trailer is here for the Migi & Dali anime, which recently announced plans to bring its adaptation of Nami Sano’s manga to the screen starting on October 2, 2023. The latest preview introduces the anime’s ending theme song plans, which have the episodes closing out to the tune of Nulbarich’s “Skyline.” 

Previously announced cast members include:

Migi: Shun Horie
Dali: Ayumu Murase
Shunpei Akiyama: Shintaro Asanuma
Maruta Tsutsumi: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Eiji Ichijō: Kengo Kawansihi
Yoko Sonoyama: Kotono Mitsuishi
Osamu Sonoyama: Takashi Matsuyama
Metry: Sumire Morohoshi
Micchan: Kimiko Saito
Reiko Ichijo: Romi Park
Akira Ichijo: Tokuyoshi Kawashima
Karen Ichijo: Akira Sekine

Migi & Dali is written and directed by Mankyū (Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Theater) at Geek Toys.

The story follows Migi and Dali, a beautiful pair of twin boys who grew up in an orphanage. In a town full of wealthy residents, the Sonoyama couple adopt a boy named Hitori, who is beautiful and intelligent, but holds a terrible secret. Migi and Dali end up switching places and working together to find out the truth behind their mother’s death.

Via Anime News Network