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Why We’re Hoping for Another Season of Zom 100

Zom 100 has its finale on Christmas day... but there's so much more to tell!

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead was absolutely fraught with delays. That’s the bad news. The good news is, we’ll be getting the last three episodes on Christmas day! Whether those are the last three episodes ever or the last three for now, we don’t know. But despite all the difficulties in getting this series on the small screen, it absolutely deserves a shot at a second season.

Hopefully the powers that be agree. But in case an argument does need to be made for its continuation, we’re ready:


Our heroes need more screen time.


In terms of the storyline of Zom 100, certain major characters have barely gotten any screen time. And by “certain major characters,” we mainly mean Beatrix: the German Japanophile with a heart of gold and a samurai’s soul. She’s a delightful character, and one we’ve barely gotten to meet.

But even Akira, Kencho, and Shizuka have a lot of growth and change ahead of them, if the manga is any indication. Their upcoming adventures in Gunma gift some of our heroes with a surprising new goal. That visit is a massive turning point in the story, and anime-onlies deserve a chance to see how the stars evolve.


Questions will be answered.

Zombie shark!

One of the big questions of Zom 100, or indeed any zombie story, is: why is this even happening? Well, our bucket list buddies make some unnerving discoveries as their adventures continue. As they discover more survivors, they also find themselves on the trail of some frankly terrifying scientific research.

Saying much more would give the game away; suffice to say, there’s a long game in play. It’s still unfolding in the manga, which might require giving the anime a bit of time off to allow some story to build up. But in their search for meaningful experiences, they may have just uncovered the big answers to this whole plague.


We still haven’t met everyone.

Meet Izuna

The core four of Zom 100 — Akira, Kencho, Shizuka, and Beatrix — make a great team. But they’re not the only ones on this ride. Eventually we meet Takemina, another college buddy of Akira and Kencho’s who’s amazing with a slingshot. There’s Izzy, a video game-loving high schooler with a surprising secret. And there’s Lambda Chop, who… well, we’re not even going to try to explain him.

Suffice to say, the party grows regularly. And each new character brings something new to the adventure, while learning about themselves along the way. Seeing them get their moment in the sun alongside the current stars would be a sight to behold.

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