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Binge-Read These Manga Online in the VIZ Library!

Need something new to read? Binge these manga on Viz!

What a world we live in, where we can read the latest chapter of Chainsaw Man as soon as it drops. Thanks to the Shonen Jump app, our Sundays are better than ever. But sometimes you just want to sit down and binge read a whole series. Fortunately, there are plenty of manga online through Shonen Jump and VIZ where you can do just that!

Check out this trio of titles if you’re looking for a nice long-form read. From completed backlogs to new library titles to VIZ Spotlights, these should keep you busy over the holidays!


ZOM 100: Bucket List of the Dead

ZOM 100: Bucket List of the Dead

Catching up to a manga online can be difficult. If you’re a completionist (like we are), you don’t want to jump in where everyone else is. You want the whole story from day 1. Fortunately, VIZ has been playing catch-up with lots of its popular titles: dropping new issues as they come out while backfilling older volumes bit by bit. That means you get a new volume every once in a while, until one day the cars link up. And that’s what’s just happened with ZOM 100: Bucket List of the Dead.

The manga series that inspired the heavily-delayed anime is still underway. So for a while, the translation was trucking along while we got occasional backfilled volumes. Now, though, everything so far is translated and available to read! So if you’ve been waiting to catch up, now’s the time. There are 60 chapters of walking dead goodness to enjoy, at which point you’ll be ready for each new installment!


Yakitate!! Japan

Yakitate!! Japan

There’s a lot of manga online to enjoy. How in the world are you going to pick your next title once you’re all caught up to your regular reads? Fortunately, VIZ will occasionally spotlight a library title, encouraging readers to give something new a try. And if you like bread, their latest pick is for you.

Yakitate!! Japan inspired an off-the-wall anime, complete with Takehito Koyasu dying and living again over baked goods. (Think Food Wars! but with bread.) Our hero, Azuma Kazuma, wants to create the ultimate Japanese bread, but he’s got some stiff competition. Will he rise to the occasion? You can read all 242 chapters now on the VIZ app and find out!


Red River

Red River

Fans of vintage manga and shoujo titles, you’re in luck. There’s plenty of manga online for you, too! Every once in a while, VIZ will drop a new library title — sometimes in its entirety, sometimes a volume at a time. Titles like Like a Butterfly, My Special One, and Rainbow Days are being uploaded a little at a time. But if you want to dive straight into a whole time-traveling romance epic, Red River is waiting for you.

The series follows Yuri, a typical schoolgirl navigating her first relationship. One day she falls through a puddle and finds herself in Bronze Age Anatolia. Now a pawn in a vicious war, Yuri finds her only solace in a surprising place: the arms of the Hittite prince Kail Mursili. Now, believed to be an avatar of the war goddess Ishtar, Yuri must choose: does she fight to get home, or stay with the ancient hero who has somehow won her heart?

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