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Get Caught up on These Returning Winter Anime

Mashle is just one of the winter anime speeding back to the lineup!

Missing your favorite anime from seasons past? Some are coming back! In the midst of new titles and fresh adaptations of manga and light novels, some series are returning from earlier this year to continue their stories. And if you find yourself with a little extra downtime over the holidays, it’s the perfect time to catch up to these returning winter anime!

Warm up your streaming services and prepare to binge this trio of shows. Then, come next month, you’ll be ready to continue the adventure!


Urusei Yatsura

Urusei Yatsura

The beloved remake of the also-beloved Rumiko Takahashi classic will be lighting up the winter anime season! If you’ve somehow missed all the Urusei Yatsura hype, you still have time to catch up before the new cour starts.

The out-of-this-world rom-com focuses on lecherous Earthling boy Ataru and the bikini-clad alien invader Lum. Upon saving the world in an all-or-nothing game of tag, Ataru may have made it sound like he intended to marry Lum. And her opinion of him changed immediately. Since then, Ataru’s life has featured a cavalcade of colorful characters, human and alien alike. The new season will introduce even more, continuing its adaptation of “all-star” stories from the original manga.


The Dangers in My Heart

The Dangers in My Heart

Strange romance abounds in the winter anime season… and not just the alien kind! The Dangers in My Heart is also set to pick up where it left off. The anime, which debuted in spring 2023, follows unpopular schoolkid Kyotaro as he plots to murder his more popular classmates. At least, that’s how it’s pitched. Actually, the young edgelord isn’t quite as murderous as he makes himself out to be. And his next “victim,” class idol Anna, becomes the object of his affections.

Don’t let the seemingly dark overtones of this series put you off. The Dangers in My Heart is actually an adorable rom-com with two very awkward characters. And you can catch up to the first season now before it returns!



Mashle: Magic and Muscles

What if Saitama went to Hogwarts? That’s the briefest possible pitch we can muster for MASHLE: MAGIC AND MUSCLESIn a world where magic-less people are considered sub-human, Mash Burnedead has to get by on sick gains alone. And frankly, he’s nailing it. If he can graduate from, and attain highest honors in, the local wizarding academy, he and his adoptive father can live in peace.

When we last left Mash and his friends, they’d made both friends and enemies while navigating seemingly impossible challenges. But there are bigger problems ahead — some of which could alter the magical world as we know it. Will Mash’s muscles be enough to combat god-tier magic? We’ll find out in the winter anime season!

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