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Get a Jump on Next Season’s Isekai – Read the Light Novels!

Get a jump on next season's isekai - read the light novels!

The winter 2024 anime season is just around the corner, bringing with it a huge crop of new titles. Some are original, others hail from manga… and others still are light novel adaptations. And you know what that means: more isekai!

If you’re eager to get a jump-start on next season’s parallel-world antics, let us give you a boost. These three titles have light novel translations available as we speak, so you can get reading and be ready when the simulcasts begin!


The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic

The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic

Being an isekai hero usually means getting some kind of special ability along the way. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll use it “right.” Take Usato, the teen protagonist of The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic. His healing gift is a rarity in the new world in which he’s found himself. And as part of the brutal Rescue Team, he learns unorthodox ways to put it to use.

One Peace Books is currently translating the series, and you can grab the first three volumes right now! Get ahead on this otherworldly comedy before it drops in January.


Fluffy Paradise

Fluffy Paradise

Some isekai heroes get healing powers. Others get god-tier abilities. But Midori, the heroine of Fluffy Paradise, hit the jackpot with her ability: non-human beings love her! Reborn as Néma, she’s making the best of a frankly awesome gift. Sure, there are still human-world problems, and this gift makes no guarantee about what other people will think of her. But consider: she gets to pet all the animals.

Cross Infinite World is the home of the Fluffy Paradise English light novel release. Two volumes are currently available. That’s plenty to get a feel for this cozy little series, and to be ready when it premieres in January 2024!


Villainess Level 99: I May Be the Hidden Boss But I’m Not the Demon Lord

Villainess Level 99

Isekai heroines have a tendency to get reincarnated as otome game villainesses. We can’t be the only ones who’ve noticed. Now, what they do with that information is anyone’s guess. Yumiella, the star of Villainess Level 99, can’t let her previous life as a gamer girl go. When she realizes she’s the hidden boss, she grinds to max out her stats. And she does a little too well. So now, as the title says, everyone thinks she’s secretly a demon lord!

J-Novel Club has three volumes available in English, with the fourth currently “streaming” for subscribers. Get your copies now; and if you want to stay really ahead, get a subscription and read new chapters as they’re translated!

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