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These Winter Anime May Be Ending, But Their Inspirations Are Still Going!

These winter anime will keep going the distance - in manga and light novel form!

It’s that time of season when we discover which shows are ending for good, which are coming back, and which are in that awkward limbo of maybe coming back eventually. There’s good news for some of these winter anime titles, though: no matter what happens on the anime side, the story still continues… literally!

The inspirations behind these three winter shows are carrying on as we speak, with new adventures awaiting everyone. Here’s where to find them, and how to keep going beyond the anime!


Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist

Considering the anime adaptation debuted 14 years ago, a lot of us weren’t expecting to see Blue Exorcist return in the winter anime season. But fans got to kick off 2024 with the Shimane Illuminati Arc. What will happen next for the anime? That’s still up in the air… perhaps we’ll go another six or seven years between seasons, as appears to be standard. But the story continues in the pages of Jump Square!

Rin Okumura has been fighting on since 2009, and new installments are released every month. The story so far has brought to light even more revelations, from Shura’s backstory to what really happened on the infamous Blue Night. You don’t have to leave Blue Exorcist behind: keep up with the manga on VIZ!


7th Time Loop

7th Time Loop

Reincarnation stories are all the range in winter anime and beyond. But what happens to Rishe in her 7th Time Loop? There’s lots more story to tell! The original light novel and its manga adaptation are both being released by Seven Seas Entertainment, with five volumes of each currently available.

But even that’s not the end of the story! The original novel series by Touko Amekawa is still underway at the time of this writing. With Seven Seas keeping pace with their English language releases, that means you can plunge ahead in Rishe and Arnold’s unconventional romance and still have plenty of surprises in store.


The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic

The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic

As the winter anime season draws to a close, we’ve seen just how powerful Usato can be. The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic has taken us into battle with powerful foes and given us insight into Rose’s tragic backstory. But there’s still lots more story to tell.

Technically, the light novel series closed out in 202 after 12 volumes, three of which are currently available from One Peace Books. But that doesn’t mean the story is over! Just a few months ago, The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic Returns kicked off. Also from writer Kurokata and artist KeG, the series is one volume in so far, and promises more healing-powered heroics for interested readers.

Look ahead to something new this spring with these three original anime projects!

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