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Three Original Anime Coming to the Spring 2024 Season

Looking for something fresh? These original anime are coming to the spring season!

Seeing your favorite manga, games, and light novels adapted into anime can be exciting. But sometimes, you want something totally new. Fortunately, there are plenty of original anime debuting next month! These projects will introduce us to brand-new characters and stories, meaning everyone will be on the same page as the story unfolds every week.

From girls’ bands to aliens to racing, check out this trio of upcoming original projects. Which ones will you be tuning in for?


Astro Note

Astro Note

The boarding house romance is a tried and true formula—just look at Maison Ikkoku. Starting next month, the original anime Astro Note will put a new spin on the concept. The series is being headed up by chief director Shinji Takamatsu, whose past works include everything from Gintama to classic yuusha and Gundam series. And with The Royal Tutor and Delicious in Dungeon writer Kimiko Ueno on series composition, we’re expecting good things.

Our hero Takumi takes up a job at the boarding house Astro-sou, not initially realizing he’ll be required to live there as well. But once the chef meets caretaker Mira, he’s more than fine with the arrangement. What he doesn’t know is that Mira is not of this world! The sci-fi rom-com lands on Crunchyroll on April 5.


Highspeed Etoile

Highspeed Etoile

Racing is entering a new generation in this original anime from Good Smile Company and Studio A-CAT. Highspeed Etoile takes the “cute girls doing cute things” genre and ramps it up to 11 in this 3DCG anime project, directed by Date A Live director Keitarou Motonaga.

The series stars Rin Rindou, who had to give up her dream of being a ballerina due to an injury. But she soon finds herself in the world of NEX Race: a futuristic highspeed racing event. In the world of Highspeed Etoile, racing at up to 500 km/hr is now safe thanks to advanced technology. How will Rin fare in her new fast-paced hobby? We’ll find out on April 6.


Girls Band Cry

Girls Band Cry

In need of more anime about girl bands? There’s an original anime for that just around the corner! Girls Band Cry hails from long-lived studio Toei Animation, and will follow five girls getting their lives back on track as they pursue music together.

The group includes high school dropouts, abandoned daughters, and girls adrift after losing friends. Together, Nina Iseri and her new band will try to find a place where they belong. The series premieres April 6, but you can get to know the cast through the many videos already available on their official YouTube channel.

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