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Undead Unluck: Three Big Questions Answered in the Manga

The Undead Unluck anime leaves some questions Unanswered... but the manga will fill you in!

With the winter anime season coming to a close, we’re closing the book on the Undead Unluck anime. Whether that’s permanent or temporary is up in the air… which is a shame, since some of the series’s best battles are yet to come. Fortunately, if you’re curious about some of the show’s big mysteries, you can get them answered in the manga!

Read on as we cover some of the biggest questions anime-onlies will have about Andy and Fuko’s adventures so far. Want to get the answers (and even more questions)? Read the manga on the Viz website or through the Shonen Jump app!


What Is Billy’s Actual Negator Power?


If you’re caught up to Undead Unluck, you’ve already seen the best and the worst of Billy. On the one hand, he went above and beyond to show Tatiana kindness. On the other… well, he hasn’t necessarily shown that kindness to everyone else. And we get a glimpse of what his Negator powers can do… but we don’t know specifically what they are. That is to say, we don’t know the “Un-” of it.

Manga readers got this reveal a bit back, and a few well-placed comments from Billy even foreshadow it. If you’re especially clever, you might be able to figure it out on your own. It’s a pretty apt single-word description of his abilities.


What’s Under Unbreakable’s Armor?


Undead Unluck has its share of masked and/or faceless characters. But it also doesn’t hide those characters forever. Take Tatiana, who went from presenting as a big robotic orb to getting her face in the new opening sequence. You’ve likely noticed the beefy Unbreakable in the mix. So what’s under that traditional armor? Good news… you find out in the manga!

There’s actually a lot of story behind who exactly Unbreakable is, and this tough-as-nails Negator gets a lot of attention (and face time!) in later arcs. You may be rather surprised when the big reveal arrives.


How Do Negators Become Negators?


One of the biggest mysterious of Undead Unluck is, in short, what the heck is even going on. Just as one question is answered, several more arise. It’s clear that Negators are powerful, but those powers can also cause suffering. One of the big underlying questions of the series has been how and why they become Negators in the first place. And those keeping up with the manga are, as we speak, just starting to peel back those layers.

As the Negators continue their fight against the God of this world, they finally start to crack the code. Who chooses them? Are they “chosen” at all? How does the process even work? It’s an exciting development, and one that’s currently in the midst of being revealed.

We’ll all have our fingers crossed for an Undead Unluck anime continuation. But even if we’re Unlucky in that respect, the manga soldiers on!

Kara Dennison

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