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The Do-Over Damsel Conquers the Dragon Emperor Anime Shares New Teaser Trailer

the do-over damsel

Sarasa Nagase’s The Do-Over Damsel Conquers the Dragon Emperor novels are coming to the screen in a TV anime adaptation produced at J.C. Staff, and a new teaser is here to briefly highlight the main cast. Shu Uchida is in the lead as Jill Cervel alongside Kikunosuke Toya as Hadis Teos Rave, so check out the latest while we wait for the show to premiere sometime this year.


The Do-Over Damsel Conquers the Dragon Emperor anime is directed by Kentaro Suzuki (Requiem of the Rose King), with Atsuo Ishino (Chihayafuru 2) overseeing scripts and Sana Komatsu (The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3) handling character designs.

The original novels are available in English through Cross Infinite World, which describes them like so:

Jill is sentenced to death by the crown prince, her fiancé. But just before she dies, she’s sent back in time six years to the party where their engagement had been decided. To avoid this route of ruin, Jill immediately proposes to the person standing behind her…but it’s the man who was her greatest enemy, Emperor Hadis?! Jill knows all about his future descent into evil. She quickly retracts the proposal, but the delighted Hadis takes her back to his castle and makes her a meal. Completely won over by the food, Jill makes a life-changing decision… “I’m going to reform—no, I’m going to make you happy!” It’s time to redo this life with the enemy!

Via Anime News Network