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These Shonen Jump Manga Are Exploring New Story Arcs

Shonen Jump manga WITCH WATCH is starting a whole new arc!

It’s always fun when your favorite manga changes direction and explores a new path. Whether it’s a new battle, a new location, or flipping the entire script, these fresh new arcs can reinvigorate your love of a series. And as of recent weeks, certain Shonen Jump manga titles are going in entirely new directions!

Whether you’re looking at picking up a dropped title or looking for a new read with guaranteed twists and turns, have a look at these three. We can’t wait to see what they have in store!


Undead Unluck kicks its way to a new mission.

Undead Unluck

Longtime Undead Unluck readers know you can’t go more than a couple of chapters without the whole universe changing. Literally. Yoshifumi Tozuka’s high-octane series about a group of Negators fighting the laws of nature is full of twists and turns. And the actions of our heroes can (and do!) alter the very fabric of reality. So saying this Shonen Jump manga is forging new territory, even by its own standards, is huge.

As Fuuko continues to lead her fellow Negators to a brighter future, she discovers more about the Rules against which they’re fighting. Specifically, she gets a decent sense of how strong they really are—and we get a glimpse of the top ten ranked Rules, even if we don’t know much about them. Armed with a scorching hot new plan, Union is about to take on their most daring mission yet!


Nue’s Exorcist gets a promotion.

Nue's Exorcist

Nue’s Exorcist is comparatively new to the Shonen Jump manga lineup. It kicked off with the unlikely bond between the spirit-sensitive student Gakuro and Nue, a powerful spirit who lives in his high school. Since then, the pair have met and interacted with other exorcists, and Gakuro has had a small taste of their world.

But things are taking a major turn with the introduction of the Elimination Squad. These high-powered exorcists are tasked with containing major spirits like Nue. And Nue has cut them a deal: bring Gakuro into their ranks as a Captain, and she’ll offer her knowledge and power to the group. Where will this lead when other Nue-level spirits begin to emerge?


WITCH WATCH has a new prophecy.

Witch Watch

WITCH WATCH is a Shonen Jump manga title that deserves way more recognition. The new title from Kenta Shinohara has the same paranormal rom-com vibe as so many Rumiko Takahashi faves. In this case, cute boys who also happen to be paranormal creatures play bodyguard to Nico, a historically powerful young witch. But with the manga’s first prophecy tackled, things have changed. Majorly.

To put it lightly, Nico’s relationship with her faithful companions isn’t what it used to be. And if the boys on witch watch want Nico back to normal, they’re going to need to travel the city (and beyond) to gather magical butterflies. What will happen when they do? The prophecy isn’t clear, but we can’t wait to find out!

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