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Fall Anime Openings We Can’t Get Enough Of

Fall anime openings like Undead Unluck's 01 are making the new season rock!

The fall anime season is here… and with it have come lots of anime openings that are to die for! (Literally, in the case of one protagonist.) And it’s not just the tunes themselves that have us watching every week. The aesthetics themselves are astounding, with some shows even bringing in outside talent to make their intros pop.

Here’s a trio of openings we can’t get enough of this season. Which are the ones you’ll never skip?


“Broken Games”—Shangri-la Frontier

First in our list of anime openings is “Broken Games” by FZMZ. We don’t know much about this masked five-member band (whose name is pronounced “Fathoms”) except that they rock. This tune is their debut track, and it’s an ode to the art of fighting through crappy games. Appropriate, since that’s the whole point of Shangri-la Frontier.

We love the hard-hitting hard-rock sounds of this track, combined with moments from protagonist Rakuro’s first experience with an actual god-tier game. The song conveys the feeling of accomplishment from beating a bad game into submission, but also the hope for something bigger and better.


“Kura Kura”—SPY x FAMILY

A hit show like SPY x FAMILY deserves only the most stylish of anime openings. And a lot of heavy hitters have teamed up to supply just that for season 2… not just in terms of music, but for the animation as well!

Singer Ado (Uta in One Piece) lends her amazing vocals to the opening theme. But if you’re thinking that brass riff at the beginning sounds kind of Bebop-esque, you’re not wrong. Yoko Kanno and SEATBELTS collaborated to arrange and perform the instrumentals for “Kura Kura.” And for the visuals? It’s only Devilman CRYBABY director Masaaki Yuasa. The end result is a jazzy, kinetic romp that conveys the Forgers’ strange life perfectly.


“01”—Undead Unluck

She brings misfortune to everyone she touches. He can’t be killed. Together, they’re in search of a wicked sick death… and maybe they’ll kill God along the way. Undead Unluck is one of the most anticipated anime of the season, so it needs the coolest of anime openings. And it sure has that! “01” by Queen Bee (who also performed Oshi no Ko ending “Mephisto”) is both mysterious and energetic, just like the show it precedes.

Sharp-eyed viewers will also catch some interesting imagery presaging the story’s many twists and turns.  Even if you have no clue what’s to come, it’s still amazing eye candy.

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Kara Dennison

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