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Who Ya Gonna Call? Paranormal Anime for Ghostbusters Fans

Ghostbusters is back, but ghostly anime never left

Ghostbusters is back in theaters for the first time in five years. But our favorite anime ghost hunters never left!

While a new generation handles big-screen spirits, these animated stars are on call to serve all your supernatural elimination needs. From spectral advice to straight-up exorcisms, they’ve got you covered — and they’re ready to believe you.


Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100

Who needs the Ghostbusters when you’ve got Spirits & Such Consulting? Reigen Arataka is the (self-proclaimed) Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century, and he can handle all your paranormal needs. Well, as long as his protege is around.

Mob Psycho 100 is weird, freaky, and surprisingly wholesome. Our low-lying protagonist wields immense psychic powers, which he holds back by suppressing his emotions. But that’s a tactic that can only work for so long. And he’s not the only psychic in town, either. Nor is Reigen the only person who wants to leech off the powers of others. (He is, however, the most well-meaning… which should give you an idea of what the others are like.)




The Ghostbusters are primarily about… well, busting ghosts. But sometimes, they just need someone to talk to. (And sometimes they do need busting.) That’s where Kotoko, the yokai‘s Goddess of Wisdom, comes in. She has some amount of authority over them, and all it cost her was an eye and a leg.

Together with Kuro, who has some terrifying abilities of his own, she keeps the spirit world in check. She has excellent deductive reasoning and an excellent network of ghostly informants. So when it comes time to take down actual paranormal threats, like malevolent idol ghost Steel Lady Nanase, she’s got tons of backup.


Ghost Sweeper Mikami

Ghost Sweeper Mikami

The Ghost Sweepers may not have been around as long as the Ghostbusters, but they’ve still got a respectable history. Aired in 1993, Ghost Sweeper Mikami (based on the 1991 manga) centers on the business of title character Reiko Mikami: one of many exorcists for hire in modern Japan. As the city becomes increasingly built-up, more and more ghosts become homeless. That means more ghost problems, and more work for Ghost Sweepers.

That doesn’t mean Ghost Sweepers are rolling in cash, as much as Mikami wishes it did. She and her agency have fierce competition — all of whom are also doing pretty badly financially, as well. And when she’s not dealing with her earthly rivals, there are literal demons to contend with.

Ghost Sweeper Mikami used to be a difficult find. But the official Toei U.S. YouTube channel now has it all free to watch!

Ghost problems? Sorted.

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